Postojna Cave – Postojna, Slovenia

The Postojna cave (Postojnska Jama) is located in Postojna, Slovenia. About 30 mins from the capital Ljubljana. It’s the second-longest cave system in the country as well as one of the world’s top tourism caves.

A fascinating underground route to the discovery of the world of huge stalactites and stalagmites, underground rivers, rock formations and underground halls. A haunting beauty that seems to come from a fantasy movie.

The place has its own large parking lot divided into areas (for buses, cars and motorcycles). And it’s not free! It’s free for 45mins (obviously you can not visit the cave for 45mins). After that you have to pay an acceptable fee of 3,50€.


Ticket cost €23,90 per adult only for the cave. But you can also combine your purchase with the ticket for the nearby Predjama Castle, and others different combinations in which also include lunch. Children under 5 years old pay only 1€.

Since the visits are limited by the number of people at a time, you have to reserve what time you want to go. And visitors are divided into groups based on their prefered language.

From the ticket office to the cave entrance there are about 200 meters of walk. You’ll pass through the mill on the river that comes from the cave, some shops, hotel and a 19th-century building right before the exit gate built by the italians at the beginning of 900.

Before the tour starts, all present are gathered in the waiting area where, by showing a video presentation, are given some tips and precautions (e.g not lean out of the wagons, do not use the camera flash, do not leave trash around, etc.).

No need for a specific clothing but you have to keep in consideration that the temperature inside the cave is about 10° C. Therefore it’s advisable to bring a jacket and have comfortable shoes.

Cave Tour

The first part of the tour is about 3.5 km on a train, during which you can already start to admire the subterranean wonders.

On the second part, you walk on a paved path without any stairs (you can use strollers with no problems if you have babies). And from here you just listen to the Guide about the history of this cave and be amazed!

You can’t help looking around and take some pictures.

Our favorite stalactites and stalagmites formations are what they call “spaghetti”, formed by tiny drops of water over millions of years. The variations in size and shape of the structures are really fascinating. And the “diamond”, a bright white formation that looks like a delicious ice cream cone.

Here if you want good photos, you definitely need a tripod or stabilized hands.

At the end of the tour, after more than an hour, you’ll get to the souvenir shop. You will see this big hall, where are also held classical music concerts. And there are toilets as well. After shopping, back to the train again toward the exit.

Total duration of the tour: 90 mins.

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